How much does it cost to go through the drive-thru nativity?
Admission is FREE. No tickets are required.

A donation box is available at the end of the journey for those who wish to participate.

A prayer tent is also available at the end of your Journey! We would be glad to pray for you.

What scenes are depicted?
The JTB is an opportunity to view several scenes from the Biblical account of the Christmas story including, the angel who appears to Mary, the shepherds in the fields, the wise men, and the birth of Jesus.

How will I hear?
Each vehicle receives an audio CD (or flash drive) produced for JTB. The tracks on the CD correspond to each of the Biblical scenes of the Christmas story. You may stop your vehicle to listen at each scene. During the final Nativity scene you will want to roll your windows down as it is a live production.

At the end of your journey, you may keep the CD.

Can I get out of my vehicle?
For your safety, we recommend that you stay in your vehicle for most of your journey. At the final scene you are welcome to stand outside your car or in the designated areas to fully enjoy the live production.

What about rest room facilities?
Portable restrooms are available on site.

How long does it take to go through the JTB?
Wait times vary according to the amount of traffic. Upon arrival at the welcome tent, it takes approximately 1 hour to complete the journey. Between 100-120 cars go through each hour.

When does the event close?
The event runs from 6 – 9:30 pm each evening. All vehicles in line by 9:30 pm will be accommodated.

How much does the hot chocolate cost?
The hot chocolate is free! Last year our hospitality team served over 10,400 cups of hot chocolate.

Who produces the JTB?
The Journey to Bethlehem is produced by the people of Faith Community Chapel and local churches. It is a ministry that is joyfully prepared as a gift to the community. JTB takes nearly 6 months of preparation and planning.

How many actors are involved?
Approximately 200 actors and staff members are involved throughout the JTB event.

How does the Journey to Bethlehem work?
Your journey begins with a welcome packet that includes an audio CD/FlashDrive. As you progress through each stop, you may play the track that corresponds to that dramatic scene. The final scene is a live production with sound, stage lighting, and special effects. You will want to roll your windows down to hear the final live production. You may also leave your vehicle and stand in the designated areas to enjoy the show.

How many years has the JTB been in Thomasville?
JTB has become an annual tradition in Davidson County. 2014 was the first year. More than 42,000 people have taken the journey.

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